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LOMISFILM is a film & video production company based in Baltimore.

Established in 2019 by Film and Video Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, and Writer Steven Belcher — this collective of seasoned directors, producers, writers, actors, cinematographers, and editors is a full-service video & film production company that produces narrative story-driven projects as well as their own original short and feature length film projects.

Steven Belcher first started studying film & video during college at Towson University in 2005. He left Towson to pursue a technical education in video production at The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts (SIRA) in Phoenix, MD where he graduated top of his class in 2008.

Since then, Steven has helped create and lead three separate production companies in the Baltimore/DC area, and has worked full-time for other prominent production companies & institutions as well as a freelance Director of Photography, Editor, Producer, Director, and Writer.

Rate Card & Gear List is available upon request.

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